What Is The Difference Between Real Friends And Fake Friends?


Friendships are the way to the good life with fun, laughs, and memories to create. But sometimes, some friends are real and fake. You’ll come across people who are frauds and mean to you, while there are friends who will be with you through thick and thin. So, how will you identify the two? It’s not that complicated. With time, you’ll realize what real and fake friendships are? Once you know that things are not working fine between you, detach from them and make your life a better place without having to be friends with toxic people.

Here are some points that will help you figure out who are your fake and real friends? Keep reading!

  1. Real friends are genuine and loving. Fake friends do not open up to you. Friends who are loving, caring, and there for you are meant for a lifetime. You can’t simply lose them. At the same time, fake friends are so mean and do not reveal anything. They are just there for you to seek some friendships and not to be left alone.
  2. Real friends listen to you to what you have to say rather than pitting their opinion forward whenever you want to tell them something that went unusual. They provide you with sound advice and consider your problems as your own.
  3. No matter how you look and what you dress, they’ll always support you in your decisions. They will not make fun of you, and if something needs to be criticized, they’ll say it constructively. Fake friends will always judge you and provide you with negative feedback.
  4. Time is the most critical aspect of any relationship. Real friends will always be there for you whenever you need them and not make excuses to ditch you. In contrast, fake friends will always act busy whenever you need them.
  5. When you have real friends, you know you can be raw with them. You will feel good within and don’t have to make efforts to make it work. In comparison, fake friends make you feel burdensome. They will eventually drain you emotionally as well as physically.
  6. The word “NO” has its utmost importance, and fake friends couldn’t take it. They will curse you, bitch you, and make you feel guilty. While real friends understand the reason behind saying NO to things.
    Whenever you make a mistake, real friends forgive while fake friends forget and never talk to you again. Even when they make a mistake, they apologize and solve things for the better. Fake friends ignore you and treat you like a stranger.
  7. When you feel alone, real friends are there for you no matter how draining their personal lives are. They’ll make sure to make you feel better at any cost. At the same time, fake friends leave you in the middle of the chaos and tell you to figure things out at your own pace.

Friendships are the beautiful aspects of life. They make you better and make you feel loved within. You can always feel special around your friends with whom you can talk about anything and everything. But it is also essential to segregate between real and fake friends. Make sure to remove the toxic friends from your life so that the real people can take place and make your life a better one.

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