SquadGoals- People You Want In Your Friend Circle


The squad is the new hashtag for the friend circle, which is quite cool to hear. Do you have a Squad of your own? If No, who are the ones you want to include in your squad?
In a world full of temporary friends, searching for the real ones is hard to crack but not impossible. Thus, I have come up with an idea; that is the search for a #idealsquad.
If I had to make up a friends circle, I would choose the people with these five qualities in them-

1. Who speaks truth with love

So many times, we are in difficult situations where listening to the truth is hard, but it needs to be heard. And finding that one friend who would say the right thing at the right time with love is challenging, but that friend is no less than a gem.

2. The one who loves and cares

Finding real love in the hoax world is like searching for a needle in sand. But, if you once find that one friend who loves you and cares for you without any condition or greed, never let them go. We all need that one friend who knows how to love and be loved.

3. A friend who listens and encourages you

In the race of life, where every person tries to push or pull you back, you need one supportive friend who listens to all your things carefully, guides, and encourages you to work on a better and right path.
Having the back of one supportive friend who listens and encourages you at every point of life is no less than a blessing.

4. Who is fun-loving

For centuries we have heard that ‘we have only today to live; no one knows what’s in tomorrow.’
So, in life this short, we all are searching for fun, thrill, and excitement. That one fun-loving friend who knows how to make you laugh in all situations is the soul of the squad. A squad is incomplete without one funky friend as they are the tempering for the ideal squad.

5. One who sees life differently than me

Having one friend who thinks and lives life differently from you is a lot to learn from. Being with the people exactly like you can be easy, but being with the people opposite you can help you learn a lot from people.
You will see life from different perspectives and challenge yourself to mold and be something better than you are today.

Being with the people who makes your personality better and makes you happy at the same time. Who are the people in your squad? Do they have the same personality I am searching for in mine, and do your squad positively impact you? Ensure it now!

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